Thursday, May 26, 2016

Re(set) - A collective exhibition, 9-14 May 2016

A few weeks ago, on 9-14 May 2016 at N-Workshop Yogyakarta, I had a collective exhibition together with my lovely friends. The title of the exhibition is Re(set). The theme relates to Self that deals with Other (either symbolic or real). The curator, Mas Hadid, is a very friendly guy who can guide us to make our best concept (even tho I still feel that I'm failing in technical part lol). 10+ artists exhibited their works: Amel, Mas Arya, Mas Budi, Mas Edi, Mas Nanang, Mas Rahmad, Mas Rama, Mas Sony, Nof and me! Mas Iskandar and Pak Koskow later on 3rd/4th day of exhibition displayed their works as well

Honestly, I feel very special during the exhibition because of many reasons :
1. Diyana, a friend of mine from Malaysia came all the way from Kuala Lumpur to help displaying and to visit this exhibition. I still feel sorry cause I didn't give her the best trip like she did when I visited her in KL :(
2. Binar and Ratri, childhood friends from Sumatra, also came to visit. We talked a lot and Ratri even came for drawing together with other participants.
3. I get to exhibit my artworks together with people that I adore!

Here are some photos from the event. Enjoy!
Display team + Diyana! - 8 May 2016
Opening Day - 9 May 2016
Somehow we get to display our works in same room ♥
Book Exchange - 12 May 2016
Ratri. Me, and Binar :3
Mas Hadid, giving a curatorial tour to UIN students - 14 May 2016
Drawing Together Event - 14 May 2016

My favorite work by Amalia Permahani.
I want to say thanks to all people who have supported me, my family, my friends, especially for Mas Arya who always give his words of advice to become a better artist, Mas Rama and Mas Sony for their support and knowledge of technical part, and for Nof who stayed together with me in the last minutes of making the artworks. Love you all!

I will tell you more about my artwork for this exhibition in next post. Ciao!

Monday, March 9, 2015

I am already twenty three

It's been a long time since the last time I post an update.
So many things happened but I will do what I normally do every year : Showing off my birthday presents :D Aaand here they are :

From Mba Maya, really appreciate her time to edit this greeting :*

Another gift from Mba Maya, United Nations binder. Flowers from Mba Ipeh

From Icha, my shopping partner in Bangkok. Will meet up with her on April!

Literally LOLing after Duta send me this creepy greeting :))

Coolest greeting ever, sent from South Korea!

Thanks God for giving me this wonderful life and let me learn to be more grateful each and every day.

And hope I can update this blog again.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Aku melihatmu biru

Awal liburan pergantian semester kemarin saya menyempatkan diri untuk kembali kampung halaman tercinta, Yogyakarta. Saya senang sekali bisa berkumpul bersama dengan keluarga dan teman-teman. Lalu suatu hari, Mamah saya menanyakan kabar seorang teman sewaktu saya di SMA. Benar juga, saya sudah lama tidak bertukar kabar dengannya. Saya hubungi dia lewat jejaring sosial, and long story short, dia berada di ruang tamu rumah saya. Tidak berapa lama ia mengajak saya untuk berbincang di teras, ia ingin merokok.

Kami berbincang mengenai banyak hal, ia bercerita mengenai pengalaman mengajarnya dan saya bercerita mengenai pengalaman saya berkuliah di Bangkok. Karena saya bukan pencerita yang baik, saya lebih banyak mendengar cerita darinya. Ia berbagi sudut pandangnya dalam menjalani hidup. Menarik sekali.

Saya lupa bagaimana pastinya, tapi pembicaraan kami kemudian berpusat pada bagaimana saya ingin hidup dengan berkesenian. Ia dengan sangat antusias mengatakan bahwa ia mendukung keinginan saya ini. Ia bahkan berjanji akan melakukan apapun semampunya bila saya akan melaksanakan pameran. Ia meminta saya untuk menunjukkan gambar-gambar saya. Saya bawa semua buku sketsa dari kamar saya di lantai atas. Dia memandangi satu persatu coretan yang saya buat. "Gambarmu bagus, Dam," kalimat itu meluncur dari mulutnya. Saya senang.

Ia kemudian meminta saya untuk menuangkan pendapat saya mengenai dirinya dalam gambar. Saya setuju. Kami sepakat untuk saling bertukar karya, ia berjanji akan membuat melodi yang merepresentasikan pendapatnya mengenai saya.

Acrylic and Chinese Ink on Canvas

Inilah lukisan yang saya berikan padanya. Ini merupakan lukisan pertama saya dengan menggunakan media akrilik. Saya beri judul 'Aku melihatmu biru'. Saya berjanji padanya bahwa saya akan membuat tulisan mengenai lukisan ini. Mengelaborasi dalam kata bagaimana saya memandangnya.

Biru. Warna ini tidak ada hubungannya sama sekali dengan namanya di media sosial. Saya gemar 'melihat' warna orang-orang di sekitar saya, dan biru adalah warna yang paling tepat untuk menggambarkan dia. Mengapa biru? Karena langit.

Langit. Jika berbicara mengenai langit saya selalu mengasosiasikannya dengan awan. Ia seperti kombinasi langit da awan di langit yang cerah, santai dan meneduhkan.

Tanpa wajah. Saya menggambarnya tanpa wajah karena saya tidak pernah bisa menebak bagaimana perasaan dia. Ia tidak pernah menampakkan emosinya secara gamblang. Setidaknya tidak di depan saya.

Keyboard. Mungkin ini yang paling mudah dimaknai, ia dapat memainkan segala jenis instrumen musik. Ia adalah guru dan partner bermusik saya.

Persegi. Bagian favorit saya. Persegi ini menggambarkan kesederhanaan dia dalam berpikir. Ia tidak neko-neko. Namun perhatikan sebagian kepalanya berada di luar kotak. Kesederhanaannya dalam berpikir inilah yang menurut saya istimewa. Ia sering menanyakan hal-hal yang tak pernah terpikirkan oleh saya sebelumnya. Jaman sekarang orang kadang berfikir terlalu keras. Saya yakin bahwa ia pernah juga berpikir terlalu keras, namun ia berada pada taraf yang berbeda. Ia dewasa dalam pikiran kekanak-kanakannya, ia sekaligus kekanak-kanakan dalam kedewasaannya.

Itulah bagaimana saya memandang teman yang memimpin kelas saya dulu.

Selamat Ulang Tahun, Pak Ketua :)

Friday, June 27, 2014


Superior Marker + Sketchbook Paper
A few days ago I went swimming with my friend, Minaa. It was a really good day. I got to play with water slides for the very first time of my life. It's really interesting to try new things. I also learned a really good lesson. For 22 years of my life, I never have the guts to do back swimming or even try to float on my back. I always wanted to do it, but I always think that it's impossible for me to do it, without even trying.

The last time I swim was before I went to Thailand, it means more than a year ago. I don't know what got into me the day I swam with Minaa, but I really determined to try to float on my back. At first Minaa helped me, she encouraged me and she made sure that she will hold my back so I didn't drown. Of course, at first I was hesitating, a lot. I was at the point to give up right away after my first try. But the determination kicked again! I tried and I tried. In less than 15 minutes I mastered (a bit of exaggeration, of course) how to float on my back and even back swimming!

Maybe for some of you it seems like a simple accomplishment. It is a simple accomplishment, but it brings greater impact for me. I learned that if I never tried, I wouldn't know whether I can do it or not. And if I stopped at my first try, I wouldn't be able to do things that I always wanted to do. It surely brought a great revelation to me, because I feel these days I haven't done my best. I should keep trying and trying to do my best at the things that I should do.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Girl With The Wind

When she close her eyes
Softly the wind blows
Reminiscing her goodbyes
Eliminating her sorrows

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