Friday, August 31, 2012

The Greatest Debate of My Mind in 2012. So Far.

In the end of August, a really weird feeling struck my mind, asking whether i have to keep or to drop the thesis credits that i already bravely took 3 days ago. Most of my friends are not taking thesis credits this semester, they said they are going to take them next semester. I consulted with administrator in my department and she said it is better to take them next semester. Shoot! She then suggested me to consult with my thesis supervisor. I texted her and while I was waiting the reply I doodled and this is the result of the consultation with her.

This picture tells that if I want to graduate in February 2013, I have roughly 4 months to do my thesis and to pass it I have to do the final exam in mid-january 2013! Why did I say roughly? As I still having another project in this semester, such as helping my lecturer's research, pkm's business, and collaboration exhibition, I couldn't devote myself only to do my thesis.

Then I consulted with my friends. Most of them said that I should keep them. I even made pros and cons list, considering what's good and bad from each choice. I have been spending all day feeling uncertain and indecisive. But then I realized that I have my own character. I won't start if I have no deadline! If I take thesis credit next semester, maybe this whole thing will strike me again! So I try to calm my mind and said to myself:


P.S It also occurs to me that sooner I begin, the further my chances to be bald. Cinant and I have a pact: If we haven't graduated yet until the last period of graduation in 2013, we have to cut our hair out and be bald. And after that we have to go to beauty salon and ask for a creambath. Imagining that scenario always make me cringe! I really have to graduate soon :D

P.P.S On unrelated topic: It was really a shame, but it turned out that I 'forgot' how to use a dayyum scanner since i never use it for like 4 or 5 months, took me 5 times to get decent quality of picture above :D
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