Thursday, June 20, 2013


After graduating bachelor degree, I actually don't have any intention or plan to directly continue my french literature study, but then my thesis supervisor gave me the information about full scholarship offer from Chulalongkorn University. Long story short, here I am now, pursuing my Master of Arts degree, in Bangkok :)

Everything Was So Sudden

The announcement of the scholarship recipients was on May, 16th 2013. I should had been in Bangkok on the 1st of June.

You could imagine how hectic the next two weeks were. There were so many things I had to do before leaving for Bangkok, such as make visa, register myself to a health insurance, do a general check-up and other time-consuming things. Up until now, I am still really grateful to those who already helped me, especially to all member of my family. Since I had to do those time-consuming things, I didn't have much quality time with all my friends in Indonesia and I can say that I regret it. I regret it because I still have unfulfilled promises. I promised Kak Erlita to teach her how to play her favorite song with the guitar and also teach her how to modify her blog design. I promised Duta to have a photography session and cover some songs. I promised Cinant to have a wild karaoke session and I haven't had the chance to keep all of my promises. I still have many other promises and deadlines. All I hope now is that I can keep my promises, meaning that everyone including me, have to stay healthy and happy until the time when I go back to Indonesia.

The Departure Day

It was the most bitter-sweet day I have ever had in the entire 21 years and 3 months of my life.

All the morning my sister and I stuck together like a super glued paper. Every time we met each other eyes, we automatically hugged each other. She was very sweet that morning :D My brother teased me but I didn't feel annoyed, I felt happy instead. My Dad asked how I feel with his warm stare.

We arrived in airport about an hour and a half before my flight. I didn't directly go to the passanger waiting room because my friends said that they would come to see me in the airport. They did. Duta, Inna, Cinan, Denta, Harkit, and Nikita kindly came to the airport to say goodbye. I hugged each one of them. At that very moment I tried to memorize how warm and comforting their hugs were. Harkit, Nikita, and Inna gave me really cute gifts and I love them! A giraffe (we actually argued if this doll really is a giraffe or not :p) doll and an aromatherapy oil with giraffe dispenser, They named the doll Mr. Gi and I decided Little Gi, as the name for the little giraffe.

Little Gi turns out a literally HOT kid :p

The time had come. It was the first time I saw my mother gazed deeply into my eyes, telling how she felt, sending messages and advices without even talking. I felt goosebumps all over my body when she did that. I hugged and kissed her, I hugged and kissed my dad, I hugged and kissed my brother, I hugged and kissed my sister.

I waved at them as I felt rushes of blood pumped in and out of my heart. See you later, my kind friends. See you real soon, my beloved family. Two years is a short time, isn't it?
Mr. Gi's first flight
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