Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Inggar dan Pacarnya yang berumur 20 tahun 1 bulan

-di atas kertas 120 gram dengan berbagai macam pensil yang menghasilkan gambar yang tidak mirip dengan referennya-

Monday, February 14, 2011

Birthday Gift to Cinant

Pertama kali menggunakan Adobe Illustrator CS2, dibantu dengan Logitech mouse, saya membuat kado untuk salah satu catastrophic partner saya yang berulang tahun di tanggal 14 Februari. Selamat sembilan belas, Cinant! God Bless :)

-Sori gambarnya syasyat beginih hehe-

Saturday, February 12, 2011

We Are The Earth Intruders

Finally! My friends from the cupboard have arrived! Greet them :)

We Are The Earth Intruders by Damar R
Mixed Media - Water Color on Art Paper & Photoshop

P.S During this blog post writing, i heard that my Pakde from my Mamah is sick. Hope he's okay :(


Giraffe from
Brushes from

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tour de Java-Est End

30 January 2011
Last day in Malang! I said goodbye to Cinant's family. Cinant's sister, Mba Ayun, drove me to the station. I took Penataran train to go to Surabaya. I met Endra, Mr. Generous who picked me up at the station and searched a room for me (although at last i slept in my cousin's house) and took me to DKV ITS's exhibition and drove me to Tunjungan Plaza.

The exhibition was not really satisfying but i saw GIRAFFE!

When i saw the lodgement where i will sleep that night, i was just like, 'eeerrmmhh, mmkay, well, um.'
Not because the room, but because other roomers look like gangsters or something :| We went to Tunjungan Plaza to bought bread for my dinner and breakfast. We chatted and at last I found out that Endra is also not comfortable if he had to leave me at that lodgement. I contacted my cousin and fortunately he could pick me up and let me stay the night in his house :D But before we go home, he brought me and Endra to House of Sampoerna.


And we had dinner at Hallo Surabaya.

On the way home, my cousins took me to Dolly! HAHAHA! No, no, we didn't stop and hang out there, we just passed by the street :D

fee: Rp 70.000,- lolwot

Thanks God, this day turned out FUN :)

31 January 2011
Not much to do in the morning. I had breakfast (that was kinda good nasi pecel, yum :9) and took a shower and watched TV and played with Anthony. After took dzuhur prayer, Mba Dina drove me to the commuter station not far from her house. I arrived at Gubeng at 14.30. I waited for only 25 minutes and the train showed up. The train was supposed to be punctual, but a passenger claimed that his suitcase was missing! I don't know what happened next as not long after that hurry-scurry the train departed. About 20-30 minutes after leaving Gubeng, it rained so hard!

I finally returned to Yogyakarta at 20.00. I met Mas Gin in the train station and we had a little conversation in front of the station then Mas Yoga picked me up.


Transportation price-list per January 2011
Economic ticket train to Surabaya from Yogyakarta (Logawa 9.10): Rp 26.000,-
Economic ticket train to Malang from Wonokromo and Malang to Surabaya Gubeng (Penataran 17.00 and 10.00): Rp 4.000,-
Public Transportation at Malang: Rp 2.500,-
Commuter at Surabaya from Kertomenanggal to Gubeng: Rp 2.000,-
Business ticket to Yogyakarta from Surabaya (Sancaka Sore 15.00): Rp 60.000,-

Tour de Java-Est Begin


I've always wanted to go to eastern Java since the first semester and finally I really got there! I went there with my friend, my model, my catastrophic partner, Cinant. Here go the stories :)

28 January 2011
My sister drove me to Lempuyangan train station. When I arrived, Cinant was already there with Duta. We talked for several minutes then we said bye to Duta because it was nearly 9 o'clock. Our train was supposed to depart at 9.10 but until 9.20 the train didn't come. We finally left Lempuyangan at 9.30 with Logawa train. No special thing happened in the train. We sat in front of a couple from Purwokerto (i guessed). If I am not mistaken, we arrived at Wonokromo train station at 16:40.
Since Adam (the one who supposed to guide us in Surabaya) could not be reached, we decided to go straight away to Malang, Cinant's hometown. We spent 2,5 hours in Penataran train. I noticed a really funny vendor there! He sells fruits such as strawberries and grapes. The funny thing is when he offers strawberries, he shouts, 'Setrrroberi, Setrrroberi!'. He emphasizes the 'R' just like when my little nephew learned how to pronounce 'R', 'Rrrrrrrrr!'. You really should hear him yourself :D
Cinant bought me pinky fried rice for dinner and after took a shower, we watched 500 Days of Summer. It is a real good movie, p*nis! Hahahaha! When the movie finished, we caught some zzz

29 January 2011
I woke up early and Cinant's mother made me a cup of warm tea served with yum-yum cakes. After had our breakfast, Me and Cinant went to Universitas Brawijaya to meet Lia, one of Malang's Deviant :) I took a few pictures of Cinant when we were waiting for Lia to pick us.

Lia introduced some of her friends but I only can remember Acha, Indra, and Nadia (well, Nadia introduced herself). I forgot the name of guy with black-shirt since he didn't talked much. I also meet a yellow-shirted guy named Mukti (Or Murti, idk), he is so silly haha.

Acha, Lia, Nadia, Indra

They were going to have a photo session for an exhibition but unluckyly the electricity suddenly out! Poor them!

After having a really nice chat, Me and Cinant went to McDonald's and bought ice creams. It was kinda weird because a waitress took our order and put them down in a bill and gave it to me but when i handed the bill to the cashier, she still asked for our order, so what's the point of that damned bill?

When we enjoyed our ice creams, Cinant's friend came, his name is Rizal. Both of them were confused when I asked them about eating place. We finally ate at Toko Oen. A vintage restaurant placed right in front of McDonald's. Actually, only Cinant who eat there. She ordered oxtongue steak. Rizal ordered strawberry ice cream and I ordered domino ice cream since they ran out of napolitain.
I tasted the steak. I think it was just OK though it is my first oxtongue. I saw Rizal's expression when he tasted his ice cream. I saw Cinant's expression when she tasted Rizal's ice cream. When i tasted Rizal's ice cream. I know why they face are pretty odd. EGG! It isn't strawberry ice cream, it is egg ice cream (OK, i'm exaggerating)! Something's not right with that ice cream hahahaha :D Mine was just OK.

For a distinguished restaurant like that, they even don't bother to put some fan or air conditioner! It was really hot there, a lot fresher outside! The restroom are also uncomfortable, a bit disappointing but at least I tried :) Price range: Rp 5.000 - Rp 70.000

Then we went to Alun-Alun and i took photographs and we had conversation and we feed the birds and it was so nice :)

Cinant and Rizal

Lia caught us up in Alun-Alun and we agreed to eat at Surabi Imut. The price range there are between Rp 2.000,- to Rp 7.000,-. I ordered Surabi+Egg+Sausage+Mayo. I've tasted better surabi before :D

We decided to go home early because Rizal said that Lia is a host at a show in a local TV station :D Cinant, Rizal, and I watched that TV show together in Cinant's house. After that we watched two (or three?) episodes of season 2 of The Big Bang Theory. I had a real good laugh that evening :)

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