Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tour de Java-Est End

30 January 2011
Last day in Malang! I said goodbye to Cinant's family. Cinant's sister, Mba Ayun, drove me to the station. I took Penataran train to go to Surabaya. I met Endra, Mr. Generous who picked me up at the station and searched a room for me (although at last i slept in my cousin's house) and took me to DKV ITS's exhibition and drove me to Tunjungan Plaza.

The exhibition was not really satisfying but i saw GIRAFFE!

When i saw the lodgement where i will sleep that night, i was just like, 'eeerrmmhh, mmkay, well, um.'
Not because the room, but because other roomers look like gangsters or something :| We went to Tunjungan Plaza to bought bread for my dinner and breakfast. We chatted and at last I found out that Endra is also not comfortable if he had to leave me at that lodgement. I contacted my cousin and fortunately he could pick me up and let me stay the night in his house :D But before we go home, he brought me and Endra to House of Sampoerna.


And we had dinner at Hallo Surabaya.

On the way home, my cousins took me to Dolly! HAHAHA! No, no, we didn't stop and hang out there, we just passed by the street :D

fee: Rp 70.000,- lolwot

Thanks God, this day turned out FUN :)

31 January 2011
Not much to do in the morning. I had breakfast (that was kinda good nasi pecel, yum :9) and took a shower and watched TV and played with Anthony. After took dzuhur prayer, Mba Dina drove me to the commuter station not far from her house. I arrived at Gubeng at 14.30. I waited for only 25 minutes and the train showed up. The train was supposed to be punctual, but a passenger claimed that his suitcase was missing! I don't know what happened next as not long after that hurry-scurry the train departed. About 20-30 minutes after leaving Gubeng, it rained so hard!

I finally returned to Yogyakarta at 20.00. I met Mas Gin in the train station and we had a little conversation in front of the station then Mas Yoga picked me up.


Transportation price-list per January 2011
Economic ticket train to Surabaya from Yogyakarta (Logawa 9.10): Rp 26.000,-
Economic ticket train to Malang from Wonokromo and Malang to Surabaya Gubeng (Penataran 17.00 and 10.00): Rp 4.000,-
Public Transportation at Malang: Rp 2.500,-
Commuter at Surabaya from Kertomenanggal to Gubeng: Rp 2.000,-
Business ticket to Yogyakarta from Surabaya (Sancaka Sore 15.00): Rp 60.000,-


  1. asiiikkk libuuraannn ... *gak ngajak ..

    wah adaa Dolly .. whahahhaha ..

  2. hehe iya nih kak. *aku malah pengen ke bandung!

    hohoho cuma lewat koookkk

  3. ayo sini donk ke Bandung ..

    btw itu emang di photo gpp , gak di marahin ?
    ato sembunyi sembunyi ngambil photonya ? :)))

  4. next holiday pengennya sih di bandung. cuma ga tau mau stay dmana.

    aku kan ga turun, jadi itu pas di jalan, di dalem mobil, makanya blur hehe

  5. hihi .. dikirain sengaja lewat depan nya banget ...

    tinggal di rumah kk aja ..
    di rumah sini banyak ponakan cewe kok .. hiihi

  6. wuiihh..seru keknya...jadi pengen ke jatim lagi :)

  7. mauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu liburan liburan liburaaan!

  8. Yes! Sudah pernah ke House Of Sampoerna?

  9. @ayie: iyah liburan di jatim nih yie. ayie main2lah ke jogja :D

  10. iyaaa aku mau ke jogja tanggal 20-aaan! minta ym kamuh dongs! :p

  11. waaw..ada lanjutannya yah? asiiikk, gantian ahh besok ke Srbaya, aku dong habis ke Bandung..hehehe =))

  12. haha ajak2 dong kalo ke surabaya, belum puas nih akunyaa

    maret deh aku mau ke bandung :D

  13. i really want to do backpacking! but the time and the money don't allow me. have to concentrate with the UAN/UAS... hoahh.


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