Thursday, June 9, 2011

Ukulele Night

taken from IUC FB Group

Wafiq Giotama (I called him Ogi) invited me to an ukulele player gathering at Rodeo Square on May, 21st 2011. I was so excited knowing there will be a uker gathering! I was hoping that I could meet other girl who plays ukulele. But sadly, I was the only uker girl who came to the gathering. But there was no reason to be sad because I got the Answer Sheet CD for FREE!

Ogi is the member of Answer Sheet. He's also the maker of Indonesian Ukulele Community.

taken from IUC FB Group

At the gathering, I met Mas Gilang Karebet (Rebet) and Dimas Gilang Dananjaya. They are also the member of Answer Sheet. I also met Mas Fadhil Firdaus, he is the owner of Orange Studio. Before I joined table with Answer Sheet, I met Mas Ramses with his wife, Mbak Ria, and their child.

Moi, Ogi, Mas Ramses

Danan, Ogi, Rebet

I was so happy to be there because I could watch Mas Fadhil and Answer Sheet perfomance! They played really really effin' good so I ashamed to play my uke when they asked me to :D

Fadhil Firdaus

Answer Sheet


taken from IUC FB Group

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Trésor: Le Théâtre et la danse aux valeurs de l’or [REPORT]

Did you notice my latest blog-post tagged with illustrapaintydoodlesketchadraw? It is a poster that I made for my department's event. And now, here is the report:

Trésor: Le Théâtre et la danse aux valeurs de l’or
Le Petit Chaperon Rouge et ses amis
20 May 2011

I am choosen to be the artistic coordinator for this event. I have worked for a month with lots and lots of help from my deary friends. They are: Aji, Icha, Erlita, Novika, Ola, Ulfah, Adam, Denta, and Nasrul. We've worked day and night, through hot and cold, through rain and storm :DDDDD Our jobs were making the stage decorations, properties, poster design and we were responsable for the stage decoration during the show.

The UHU Troop: Me, Ulfah, Erlita, Aji

That whole month painful (okay I know I’m exaggerating) work was SATISFYING (it still IS!)!

At first Riry, the event coordinator, doubted this event, but then I said, "I am sure that this auditorium will be FULL!". And I was right. Bunch of people came to Lembaga Indonesia Prancis (LIP). A small group that came late even couldn't see the show. It turned out that small group was people from Balairung Press. Click this for the article.

Since I was the artistic coordinator, I had to stay behind the scene but, I managed to get some photos of the show.

And these are my precious gems:


Friday, June 3, 2011




I had plenty things to do.
I only shower once a day in May. Or maybe once every two days.
Some things turned me down, but in the end of the month, somehow, my mood boosted up :)

I will soon post things that happened in May.
And I hope June treats me well *crossfinger*
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