Monday, August 17, 2009

About Me :)

Yeah ! My Very First Post ! It's gonna be 'about me' stuff cuz i dont know what i have to write for now :p

My name is Damar Rakhmayastri. You can call me Damar. Some of my friend call me Jemz. My grandfather called me Yama. I prefer 'Dam' to 'Mar', dont know why, but i think 'Dam' is more polite than 'Mar'. I born on February 3rd, 1992, in Balikpapan, Kalimantan Timur (East Borneo), Indonesia. Height : 167 cms Weight : 45 kgs. Now i live in YOGYAKARTA, Indonesia.

My first school is Tunas Patra Kindergarten in Cirebon.
I dont remember about girlfriend here. I only remember i always played with Trio Ade (there are 3 boys named Ade in my neighborhood) and Eki. Eki is my very first crush :"> Mom told me this : 'did you remember about your wedding plan with Eki? You said you gonna held a wedding and married to him'. Now I dont know where the hell he is . I miss him but i dont know what to do if i meet him.
My teacher suggested me to get in to elementary school earlier because she thought my reading and counting skills are good enough to get into elementary school.

So, when i was 5 y.o i got into Kedokan Bunder 06 Cirebon Elementary School.
I only went to this school for a day because the next day i moved to Sumatra.

I moved to YKPP 1 Elementary School in Pendopo, East Sumatra.
I met Linda here, she is my very first friend in Pendopo, but sadly, the next year she had to move to other place because her father was transferred to other office. Both of our father were working in same place, Pertamina. But now we can contact each other via text, phone call, or facebook. She now live in Jakarta.

Then when i was in fourth grade, i moved to YKPP 1 Elementary School in Prabumulih, still in East Sumatra.
I met soooo many good friends here. Tika, Tera, Ina, Gea, Ruth, Dara, Noni and many other, but sadly, i had to leave them because my father was retire. But FACEBOOK unite us again :D

Finally my last elementary school, Keputran 5 Yogyakarta Elementary School. I graduated at 2003.

My middle school is 8 State Junior High School Yogyakarta. Im in a clique called V-COCK. I got nickname 'JEMz' here. V-COCK is consist of seven girls. They are Sisil, Ruthie, Dita, Thania, Katia, Farah and Me :) I graduated from this school at 2006.

7 State Senior High School is my last school. I finally graduated at 2009 :D

and now im a student in Gadjah Mada University. I take french literature major. :)

random and stupid things ♥ Kate Nash's , Lily Allen's , Regina Spektor's voices children music ♥ children illustration easy listen music playing keyboard my colorful markers pringles lays mcflurry smarties

My inspiration in playing keyboard : Maksim Mrvica
My inspirations in writing : Remy Sylado, Jacqueline Wilson
My inspiration in painting : Gadis Gelap , Bloody Kirka


i currently learning about photography
i so want a DSLR nooow !
i currently learning about music especially playing piano
actually im stuck now, any help?
i currently learning about children illustration and drawing
it is hard learning painting details and body and pose and coloring and that's mean everything ! is it mean i cant draw ?


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