Saturday, September 19, 2009

toy camera is come ♥

In a cloudy morning on Thursday , a package came to my house . my mom called me and said : 'your package is coming dear'.

I ran downstairs and saw a box . covered with plastic . OH MY GOD ! It really is ! The one that i always wait for this week !

Then , i unpacked it .


the one with flash

panorama feature ♥
im so happy :D i'll try to join a plastic camera photography exhibition in December , wish me luck guys , i'll try to do my best :salute:

p.s. recently i realized that i have to spend money for buying films and 'cuci-scan' thingies lol . but i have to deal with it . this is my passion . i've chosen this way (im so overrated :p) . YAAAAAAAY ! woot

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