Wednesday, April 17, 2013

from every little things

Here are some little things I met over a week trip (to-)in(-from) Jakarta:
Something stroke me and that thing made me need to gain weight. Badly. So now I'm trying to stop eating what I usually eat daily and without fail: frozen food, fast food, instant food, and snacks with MSG, because apparently those thing made me sick. I am also trying to stop drinking coffee and soda. I try live a healthy life. Exercising suddenly becoming a must in my life.

I met new friends and I consider them polite. I asked a friend to pick me up and take me to my relative's house. He brought 5 friends of his. I already met one of them in real life and one of them on the net, the others were new. We hung out in a park and they started to joke with each other. I instantly like them. It is because they appreciate each other. Not like most of my friends in Jogja, who most of the time will give raised eyebrow and uncomfortable facial expression when someone throw unfunny jokes, they politely smile and laugh and start to give another joke so the person who give the cold joke doesn't feel uncomfortable. Maybe some people will say that it isn't a real friendship, but for me, friend is the one who makes you feel comfortable. I found them really comfortable to hang out with.

In Jakarta, my friend brought me anywhere by motorcycle but it still didn't stop us from being in a traffic jam (still, I thanked them a lot for bringing me everywhere). The traffic jam made me realize, people in Jakarta are impatient. Believe it or not, i like being in a traffic jam because it gives me time to think, so it is OK for me to be in a traffic jam. But not for my friends--and other road users as well--, they don't like it as I see them became impatient and cranky when we were stuck in the middle of traffic. I think they became impatient because of the traffic jam itself. I bet undergoing traffic jam day by day at some point does make you impatient even if you are the most patient person in the whole world, because everyone else around you are starting to blow their horn and if that isn't enough to annoy you, the traffic start to stuck again after you barely move for only three seconds. Maybe if I stay a little longer there I would also become impatient.

I rode an economic AC train to go back to Yogya and I sat next to a middle-aged woman. I tried to be nice at first to her and she responded well. Too well. In the first three hours of travel she kept talking to me and what made me a bit uncomfortable was that she said she could never sleep in a train. Great. When I tried to sleep she also tried to talk to me. She even woke me up from my sleep just to tell me I could stretch my feet to the front seat so I could sleep better. I was already sleeping, Ma'am, thank you. I knew she was just trying to be nice but it was kind of displeased me. This experience made me realize that not everyone appreciates nice treatments from other people. It's time for me learn and observe whether people around me like how I treat them or not.

Since it has been a really boring post, here's a boring video which might make you even more bored, enjoy :D

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  1. " It's time for me learn and observe whether people around me like how I treat them or not."

    yah, you should, but don't think too much. It will kill you, softly.


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