Friday, February 12, 2010

Again, Dream Dream Dream

Now i'm in the progress to be a photographer, real photographer.

But i still wanna be..

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Children Illustrator
Why children illustrator? I love reading children books since i was a children until now! They have interesting pictures. More interesting picture, more interesting the story is. I really excited when i saw illustration for children. I want to make other children feel the same. I want to see them smile when they see my illustrations, i want to see them explore their imagination after seeing my illustrations. I want to make them happy.

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Contemporary Dancer
I'm not kidding, yes, i want to be a dancer. I dance in my bedroom, stairs, family room, dining room and living room. I do really random dancing. Sometime i do ballet, sometime disco-ing, some other time goyang dangdut :D I do cheers in front of big mirror in my dining room.
Contemporer dance really mesmerize me. The movement is so random but beatifully done. Sometime so mysterious yet so gorgeous. There is a story behind the dance. I love dance, i love stories, i got combo, right? ;)

I adore Coeur de Pirate, Adele, Ingrid Michaelson, Kate Nash, Meiko, SoKo, Regina Spektor and Frau, i like their voices. I want to be a singer like them. But i don't think this gonna be happen. Why? Because my voice is.. errr.. i dont wanna be rude to myself :p It's just not really good to listen to :D Sometimes i record my own voice, singing some songs and when i play it back, i was just like okay, my voice is not listenable, bathroom is perfect place for me to sing. I even don't like to go to karaoke. But it's okay. I just can pray in a morning some fairies sprinkle their magic dusts to me and i become a good singer :)

My all-time dream.. Since i was in first grade i always want to be a pianist. I tapped my finger randomly on keyboard. I kept tapping and tapping and tapping and i found out that i really like the voice of piano. After i played the keyboard, i got out my parent's room and met my father, he said, "who played the keyboard? it was really good." I smiled, maybe from ear to ear like joker :]
But now i'm stuck. Sigh. Help, anybody?

It's okay right, to have much dreams? Cause it is soooo exciting and fun to me :) So, what are your dreams ?

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