Sunday, February 28, 2010

i want more pizzas!

Just a short post in the morning because I am so tired but happy offey coursey parce-que hier je suis allée à la plage avec mes amies.. i mean, yesterday i went to the beach wif my fwends :D (my language getting random lol) i'll tell you the story tomorrow.

Now here's some photos from the pizza party that my sister held in February, 20th. T

canon eos 500d resize i forgot my glasses

Again, I'm too lazy to put watermark [-(

Where is the party?
Pizzas are too delicious so i forgot to take picture of the party! *giggle* I took them inside the car.

Congratulations, sist! Wish you luck and all best thing in your life :)


  1. where's the pizza?
    the title should be i want more bokeh. lol

  2. the pizza is in my tummy, hmm yumm :9

    would you please buy me another pizza :D i'll crave for mor and mor dan morreee pizzas :D

  3. sure, maybe some other time when i visit jogja again :D

  4. yayness! pirates wont break their promises, aye?!


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