Friday, March 5, 2010

A Trip To Wonosari

Well, i lie :p i dont post this the day after i post this which said im gonna post about this trip (i used word 'this' three times! i think i should learn more english lol)

I dont know where i should start sooooo here's the story :D *click picture for bigger image

One day, there was a girl went to Krakal Beach at Wonosari, Indonesia with her friends, Tika, Adam, and Dyka.

her shadow when they first arrived at the beach after 2,5 hours trip on motorcycle. it was roasting there! HOT! HOT!

never mind! she sat on the beach! ouch, it burned her ass for awhile then she got used to it :P super girl!

taken by @tikawidy

then she asked her friends, "hey, where is Indah and Dinia?" Indah and Dinia is her friends too, they came late.

taken by Dyka

"let's rest, it's hot in here!", the girl said.

when they waited for Dinia and Indah, they rested at a gazebo (i'm not really sure it is), then Tika do this 'monkey-thing'. HILARIOUS! Adam seemed unsure about this :D

then Dinia and Indah came, yay!

They buried Dinia, what a GOOD friends they are *giggling*

Dinia was really sad :(

Nahahaha, kidding, she is quite happy, because Dinia is the one who asked her friends to buried herself.

Then they make a sand castle! It was super duper uber fun!

Hey, where is the girl? She didn't help! At all! Oh wait, she's there, she's taking pictures :)

Voila! It's done!

The girl behind the sand castle :P

Then they took a rest again, enjoying the view, taking a deep breath, clearing mind.

and they went home with smile painted in their faces. They were really happy, especially the girl :)


*all pictures above is mine, never use them without my written permission, merci :)


  1. nice story, just watch at the last two pictures makes me want to go to jogja again.


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