Wednesday, March 31, 2010

a day worth to spent

taken by Dyka

Me and my friends supposed to see Duta and Riry first big choir concert in Societet, Yogyakarta. We have already ordered tickets for the concert at Riry's friend, but he/she stupidly sell our tickets to other people! So we had to queue up to buy tickets. Unfortunately, the person in front of our queue (well, i came late and i just waited outside) is the last person who got the ticket! F!

But then, Eki suggested to view an exhibition held near the concert hall. It was really fun seeing unique artworks. We took a lot of pictures here :D

taken by Dyka
taken by Dyka
After that, we headed to Alun-Alun Selatan for trying tandem bicycles. UBER FUN! My partner is Dyon. He really love to ride fast. We rounded the square (a bit weird sentence, lol) for 4 times. It cost 10.000 rupiahs. In the fourth time, we changed partner. Me with Niki, Dyka with Dyon.
Eki and Desta :D
taken by Dyka
Feel tired, we went to McD's Malioboro. As usual, i bought Smarties McFlurry, YUM!
Then I went home while my friends had dinner at angkringan in Klebengan


  1. i missed jogja very much.

    btw, the tandem bike. i've try it too :D

  2. move to jogja then! lolololol

    pretty hard in the first try!


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