Tuesday, August 3, 2010

featured by GIN-GIN

Two days ago, when i checked my last.fm account, i read a new shout from my new friend in last.fm, Mas Gin-gin or known as killtody

HE MADE A POST IN HIS BLOG ABOUT MOI! I think this is the first time someone featured me (cmiiw). He also drew me, God! I'm so flattered :"> I mean, we're just acquainted like less than a week, but he already put me in the top of admiration!

this is one of his drawing, click to see his post :)

Well, his post is kinda overrated, i think HAHA
especially about the university thing
actually, im the one who should be jealous
HE IS STUDYING AT Institut Seni Indonesia!
Seriously, saya ingin sekali masuk ISI, tapi saya sadar, kemampuan saya ngga sebegitu hebatnya buat masuk ISI
And the fact that he is a graphic designer has made me more jealous!
But everyone has his own good-at, right?

Merci beaucoup, Mas Gin-gin, semoga anda sukses dan sehat selalu serta selalu berada di dalam perlindungan Allah *tighthug*

FOR YOU, YES YOU! Check his tumblr immediately, NOW! GO, GO, GO!
Arif ginanjar Diary Book.


  1. mantap jaya keren abis pokoe joss markotop aje gile gile aje

  2. gambarnya pakai tangan dewa ...yang bikin blog ini juga maha dewa

  3. hahhaahaaaaaa,lucu gambarnya....
    objeknya juga lucu kayanya.sini dicubitin pake sumpit....
    haks haks haks!

  4. baru denger ada orang dicubit pake sumpit =.=
    rasanya bagaimanakah


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