Friday, January 14, 2011

another everybody's changing

first thing first, i am breaking my promise, i did not buy scanner soon, i did not scan my drawings soon, i did not upload them soon. why is that? on 5-9 february 2010 there will be an IT exhibition in my town, maybe i could get best bargain there :D

second thing second, i could not explain to you why i love this song. i heard this song when i was at junior high school and like WOW, i adore this song. then when my department held an event (Allez Francais 2010, a story telling and quiz competition for high school students), me and Duta performed this song. HOW I MISS MY LONG HAIR!


  1. either am I. I've cut my hair twice. and I apparently regret it. I think we should think twice or even more before we decide to cut our hair short. it's just too long to wait it grow.

  2. aku pengen request lagu boleh ?

  3. mmm boleh sih, tapi belum tentu dimainin hehe
    emang mau request apa?

  4. asooy,, requestnya seterah aja deh tp harus oke :D

  5. wahduh susah tuh haha
    request ukulele or keyboard?


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