Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ochen + FL = ?

Do you like Owl City? Or maybe you adore 8bit music? Meet my friend, Ochen. He made a cover for Fireflies. I think that this cover are delectable :D It kinda like chinese song in some part (i don't know, forgive my hearing). I give 3,75 stars from 5 stars to this cover. How about you? Go check this song and give your feedback!

Fireflies cover (ft. sanditio) by chips4breakfast

A little info about Ochen:

He likes chiptune since he was in highschool, his first cover is Dragostea Din Tei - O-zone (it's funny song, i think :P) then right after covering that song, he made his own song! Check them here! Oh, and one thing, he also good at art, see his gallery :)

P.S. He's single now ;)

taken from Ochen's Album


  1. how cool :D
    like i'm living inside the ancient video game :D

  2. maybe that's why it's called 8bit music :D

  3. wah kenal ochen juga?
    sempitnyah dunia maya ini haha

    btw, "he's single now" memang uda jadi middle name nya dia hahaa

  4. hehe iya, dari deviantart kenalnya :D

    buahahahah suka galau gitu yah dianya kalo udah ngomongin cewe


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