Saturday, February 15, 2014

'92 Girls #2

This will be a post with a lot of photos and videos :3

Happy New Year 2014!

Last months of 2013 was indeed hard, but here I am, making it to 2014! So many great things happened early in this beautiful new year :) Just like last year and years before, I received lots and lots of love from family and friends.

I finally tell my significant other about how I think and I feel about him, and I could say that he is the greatest gift this year (ahem! :">). He made a cute drawing of me (go follow his instagram, he has a rad collection of drawings!):
And I am so grateful to know Dita, Eki, Icha, and Kak Nikita, spent some time to made these wonderful birthday greetings for me :
A beatiful letter and prayer from Dita, unfortunately, she shared it privately.
This one is also from Dita (it's her usual nature to give me more than one present on my birthday, I just don't know how she can stick out as a friend of forgetful and uncaring human-being like me) :
Dita's and her beautiful friends in Hana Bank. You girls are so beautiful! *kiss one by one*
Maudy Ayunda versi tidak terawat

I miss you too, my shopping mate! :*

My eyebrows are funny because a make up artist trimmed them for a photo-shoot :|

I am even more grateful to know that my friends in Bangkok are caring me :
Joan, Me, and Rima on the day they gave me a really cool present.

I already wanted to buy a suitcase for my art supplies but I didn't have a time to find and buy one. They save me a very good amount of time and energy, thanks, i LOVE this!

My very kind roommate, Mba Zah, gave me a guitar... in a form of flashdisk, or as we say in Thailand, thumbdrive :D And Mba Dati gave me a really cute encouragement to finish my thesis. I will Mba, and I will do it really soon :)
Actually, there's another present but it's still in the laundry basket. It's a purple clothes from Brina, the cool girl on the block. Haha, thanks, Brin!

My family gave me a skype birthday party! Dang, why are they having a party when I'm not even there?
They already cut and ate the cake. Without me.

One of my favorite singer was forgetting my birthday, I was kinda sad. LOLJK. I know he was having a test for the sake of continuation of his life, I won't even mad if he completely forgot. Well maybe a little. (Disclaimer  :  for all of eco-lover out there, don't worry, this guy were reusing used paper and have the intention the reuse it again.)

And as I promised in my previous post, here I present the video that Cinan and her other-half, Houman, made for me, you will see why there's no way I could top their video :
For a very personal reason, this video defines pure happiness to me. Thank you very much, cutest and smartest couple I've ever met :)

I want to thank you all and I want to thank Allah as well, Alhamdulillah :)


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