Friday, February 14, 2014

'92 Girls

So, my lovely girl crush is having her birthday today! She made me a lovely video (that I will post here sooner or later :D) and I really couldn't make a better video than hers but I don't care :p I really miss our first moments together! And I kinda regret that we didn't spend enough time before I went to Thailand. Can't wait for next month!

So Nostalgic. Very Wet. Much Dreams.

And I am really proud to say that my very first collaboration with my SO, Nof, is dedicated to you!

What I did is only making the digital version of Cinan in a very long amount of time, meanwhile Nof, he basically did everything from sketching, making background, and finishing the artwork in no time :))

Happy birthday, talented girl! Hope you can ace your life, bon courage!

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