Sunday, January 24, 2010

turning in a blink

My birthday is coming! NOOOOOOO! am i gonna leave my seventeen without any remarkable achievement ? :( Ah! I'll make my first exhibition as achievement of my seventeen :D Well, it's not remarkable for my parents. 18. Yes, i'll make remarkable achievement(s) for me and my parents, i have to make them happy!

If other people make a wish-list for their birthday, i'm making a 'hope i can afford-list'.
1. Sleuthing-bag-look-a-like Suede Satchel

Have you watched Nancy Drew? i don't know why, but i really in love with her simple bag. Well, the sleuthing-bag itself isn't that simple, but i like the exterior design of the bag. I WANT ONE !

2. Unusual Sketchbook or Blank Diary

I really really really love to imagine, and sometimes i put my imagination on paper so my brain wouldnt explode if i'm imagining too much :D I have a sketchbook, and it's full now. Why you didn't buy a new sketchbook now, Dam? Because I want an unusual sketchbook. I've searched it on the web, i found a cute one (maybe two, or three lol) at etsy, but i couldn't afford it. Too expensive because of the shipping charge.. Maybe i'll make my own sketchbook.. I don't know.

.(of course i have lot 'hope i can afford-things')

~.Money Box

Yes MONEY BOX! Nothing wrong with this! The one who wrong is me! I couldnt safe money :( So how can i afford them all without this money box hahahahaha :D

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